Down slider jumps to the left when clicking the right side of the file

  • It’s very annoying, I can’t just click a specific part of the text if the slider isn’t fully on the left. Down slider jumps to the left when I left click a part of the text.
    Is there a way to lock the slider or solve this problem in other ways ?

  • Edit: I also use shortcuts like: End,Home,CTRL + Arrow keys etc…

  • @Tweedder1

    Sorry, but I do not understand what your problem is.
    Can you give us a more detailed explanation of what you do and what you expect?

  • I’m not usually one for guessing at an unclear poster’s true question, but it is possible the OP is talking about the “horizontal scroll bar” on a tab (as being the “down slider”)?

    I’m certainly not going to offer up more than that – which could very well be wrong – unless and until the OP confirms.

  • (Yes, I mean “Horizontal Scroll Bar”) Sorry I forgot about my password, I’m the OC.
    Here’s a more detailed video about my problem: ScrollJumps
    (It only happens when I “Left Click” between line numbers, if the line is already selected it won’t occur)

  • @DarkDark

    So if you have a mix of long lines and short lines, and you use the horizontal scroll bar to bring part of a long line into view, but then you click off the long line onto a short line (say, a line with nothing but a line-ending on it), Notepad++ will bring that short line’s data into view. For that type of line (empty) it would scroll all the way to the left.

    The cure is to NOT click (or move the caret to) a line that is too short to see currently.

    Long lines ARE often really hard to work with.
    Perhaps try “wrapping” (see View menu > Word wrap ) for possibly a better experience?

  • @Alan-Kilborn Thanks, I didn’t know the “Word Wrap” view.

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