RestApiToText v1.2 Now Available

  • Hi All,

    For anyone who might be interested, version 1.2 of RestApiToText is available here for the 32-bit DLL and here for the 64-bit DLL.

    Here are the steps to overwrite the DLL:

    1. Open Notepad++ and go to Plugins->Open Plugins Folder…
    2. Close Notepad++.
    3. In the Explorer window you created from Step 1, open the RestApiToText subfolder.
    4. Overwrite the RestApiToText DLL with the one you downloaded.
    5. Reopen Notepad++.

    Version 1.2 includes the following features:

    1. Added JSON pretty-printing for responses with a Content-Type response header containing “application/json”.
    2. Added support for the HEAD and OPTIONS verbs.
    3. URLs with no verb now default to a GET.

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