Regex: How many characters/strings does this line have, with or without space between words?

  • hello, how can I find out how many characters/strings does this line have, with and without space between words?

    Group "name": 0 or more non-whitespace chars

    I counted 44 characters/strings with space, but I had to move the cursor to each one. Is it a faster way to count characters?

  • This post is deleted!

  • yes, I find the answer. Must install TextFx plugin.

    Menu -> TextFx -> TextFx Tools -> Word Count


  • Probably best to avoid the old TextFX plugin.

    Double-clicking the “length : xxxx lines : yyyy” part of the status bar will bring up a Summary box which has a word-count.

    Also available via View menu > Summary…

    Here’s a sample, highlighting the word-count area:


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