Changes not taking

  • I have been using Notepad++ for several years, but all of a sudden I am having trouble getting changes to my documents to “take”. What I mean is that I save my changes and they look fine on the screen, but when I upload the file to the website the changes aren’t reflected there. This happens with some but not all of my pages. If I make the change using regular Notepad and upload it to the server it works just fine – the change is made. But when I use Notepad++ it doesn’t make the change when it is transferred. One thing I did to try to figure this out was copy a file from my computer to another computer to make a change and upload it from that computer. When I opened the file on the other computer, though, it did not contain the same wording that shows on my regular computer. Instead, it had some wording from several changes back. When I made the change on that computer using Notepad++ the changes transferred over fine. I uninstalled and reinstalled Notepad++ on my regular computer, though, and it didn’t make a difference. Does anyone have any idea what is going on?

  • @Ward-Ricker Well, now to answer my own question. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Notepad++ once again. This time it seems to have fixed the problem. I don’t know why it didn’t fix it the first time, but apparently I am all set.

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