Delimiter Settings (Ctrl + Double Click) to include more brackets

  • Hi all,

    First post here! And quite noob with customizing notepad++. I’m open to guidance!

    I’ve just found the very useful option to select inside parentheses holding Ctrl + Double Click. But it only accepts one starting character and one ending character.

    These parenthesis can be modified for other characters in Settings -> Preferences -> Delimiter.

    I think it would be useful if we could use multiple brackets i.e. [{()}] and even single and double quotes (if we like). It will be useful for many languages.

    How can we add this functionality? I can’t seem to find anything related, if there is another post, please point me in the other direction. If not, how would we go and change this?

    PS: I don’t know if this should be in this same thread but along with this double click feature, it would be useful to extend/shrink this selection with keyboard shortcuts like shown in this link (smart selection in VSCode)

  • Hi @ijoel92

    Not natively. But there is a Python script that I think does what you want.

    See details in this and subsequent posts.

    If you want to try the script, here are some instructions to install it:

    Have fun!

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