Functionlist Changes broke my custom functions.

  • Greetings,
    Love the idea of seperating the languages into there own xml file.
    I went ahead and seperated mine out, however they no longer function, what do I need to do to enable them?

  • @Pat-Sinclair

    Without posting exactly what you did, how are we to know?

    I posted my own experience with setting up Function List, with N++ 7.9.1 and later, HERE, maybe seeing that helps you?

    It’s probably also described well in the user manual too, perhaps there is a nuance described there that you missed doing?

    HERE is some info if you’re setting up a UDL (User Defined Language).

    HERE is apparently another user’s difficulty, and a solution – some nuggets there, perhaps?

    Without more detail, it’s all guesswork.

  • Alan:
    Thanks so much for the response.
    I am using UDL, these languages have the extensions configured etc.
    However, I took the parser and put it in like it used to be, changed the id etc…
    for instance:

    				id         ="pcode.xml"

    I changed the overridemap.xml to contain the following, still no love.

    <association id=    "pcode.xml"      userDefinedLangName="PCODE" />

    Language definition:
    Any tips…???

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