Hi. Can someone help me?

  • I want to replace a tab in front of some sentences numbered with a), b). I tried this. Find what: ^([a-z]+[)]) (to select all text start with a),b) at the start of the line. Replace with : \t\1 (to put tab in front of them. But it’s a problem. Tab didn’t appear when I open html text in browser. I’m using NotePad++ to modify.
    In NotePad++ (TAB) a)hello
    In browser a)hello
    This is after when I apply the commands. Thanks

  • @Alexandru-Tanasa

    I think forget the browser part of the question as that is off-topic for a Notepad++ forum.

    Did you get the tab character appearing for sure in Notepad++ after your replace operation?

    Best way to tell for sure might be turning on visible whitespace by:
    View menu > Show Symbol > Show White Space and TAB

    and then tab characters will appear like this (orange arrows):


    But again, this may just be helping you in Notepad++.
    You will have to go elsewhere to find the answer to your browser question.

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