How do I replace strings of text while retaining numbers in middle of the line?

  • So, I am modding a game and have a .txt file in which I need to replace multiple, possibly hundreds of lines of this type :

    owns = 116

    to this

    116 = { country_or_non_sovereign_subject_holds = ROOT }

    The numbers after ‘owns =’ can be anything between 1-5000, so it can have 1 to 4 digits

    What would be the easiest way to replace all of the lines in this file?

  • Hi @Juuso-Uu

    A regular expression would be fine here. I assume the matching string is placed at the begining of a line. If this is not the case, please remove the ^ symbol from the Search expression.

    Search: ^owns = (\d{1,4})
    Replace: $1 = { country_or_non_sovereign_subject_holds = ROOT }

    Put the caret at the very beginning of the document, select just the Regular Expression mode and click on Replace All.

    Take care and have fun!

  • Worked perfectly, thank you so much!!

  • Hello,
    You can replace strings of text while retaining numbers in the middle of the line using RegEx.
    Follow the steps:
    Open your document in N++.
    Go to the start of the document by clicking on ctrl+home.
    Open The Replace Dialogue Box (ctrl+h).
    Under search, mode Select regular expression.
    write the following in the fields.
    Find what: (?i)(?s)owns = (\d{1,4})
    Replace with: $1 = { country_or_non_sovereign_subject_holds = ROOT }
    Click on Replace All.

    (?s) enables dot matching newlines.
    (?i) makes match case insensitive.
    (owns) represents a literal string.
    (\d) (digit) matches any single digit (same as [0-9] ).
    {1,4} matches with a 1 to 4 digit number.
    $1 refers to the first match (in this case $1 will refer to the number i.e. 116).

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