Tiny on laptop, huge on external monitor

  • Been using Notepadd++ for multiple years with same setup. Today I open notepad++ and on laptop everything is so tiny that I can’t read anything. I drag to my external monitor and now everything is huge (like +300%). Drag back to laptop and tiny. Assuming a Windows 10 update but really not sure.

    Laptop is Microsoft Surface 3. I believe 4k video.
    External monitor is 1920 x 1080

    Not usable like this so I’ll be using a different tool until I get something to try and hopefully fix.


  • @Dale-Bronk

    Yea, I think this was an experimental change in 7.9.3 to see how things would go. I guess the judgement was “not well” because I believe it will change back to work as it used to for people encountering your problem.

    You might want to give the 7.9.4 RC version a try; see the “Announcements” section of this site.

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