Explorer that can handle local net

  • Windows 7.
    Existing explorer says : “File browser. You can open whatever you want from it in Notepad++, just double click!”
    Which is true, with the modification “On the PC it runs on.”

    To access files on other PCs on your network, you have to use Windows Explorer to open files.

    Is there another plugin that can do it?
    Or another workaround?

  • I found the ‘Light Explorer’.
    It will give the net, and the files, although in one treeview.
    And the “Open Folder” does not open the selected folder, but NPPs plugin folder, which really isn’t helpful…
    One can use the “Standard Menu” instead, which opens Windows Explorer at the selected folder.

  • Really hard to tell what you are talking about.
    Perhaps that’s why you’ve gotten no replies.

    It seems like you may be referring to plugins.
    Plugins for N++ aren’t “official”, and this site is primarily intended to deal with the standard product, so if you are describing plugin behavior you have to state that, otherwise what is assumed is you are trying to open files with Notepad++'s File > Open mechanism.

    You can certainly discuss plugins here, though, don’t get me wrong.

    But, really, can’t tell if you still have a problem or have figured it out yourself. Clarification welcome.

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