Hexadecimal Line numbers

  • I’m seeing line numbers in hexadecimal. Not very helpful to me.

    It’s just a plain text file, so how do get back to just plain line numbers??

  • @Buz-Williams ,

    Notepad++ does not natively know display hexadecimal line numbers.

    As mentioned here, the CustomizeLineNumbers plugin allows you to use hexadecimal line numbers, so if you are using that plugin, you can presumably use that plugin’s menus and/or configuration to change whether line numbers are decimal or hexadecimal (or uninstall the plugin, if you don’t need/want any of its features).

    If you don’t have that plugin, there may be another plugin which behaves similarly. If you need help in identifying which plugin is the culprit, please go to the ? menu and select Debug Info, and copy/paste the information from that dialog into a reply to this message.

  • @PeterJones Thank you very much. Super simple, once you know where to look!! ;-)

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