RestApiToText Version Available

  • Hi All,

    For anyone who might be interested, version of RestApiToText is available here for the 32-bit DLL and here for the 64-bit DLL.

    Here are the steps to overwrite the DLL:

    • Open Notepad++ and go to Plugins->Open Plugins Folder…
    • Close Notepad++.
    • In the Explorer window you created from Step 1, open the RestApiToText subfolder.
    • Overwrite the RestApiToText DLL with the one you downloaded.
    • Reopen Notepad++.

    What’s New in Version

    1. Added new RestApiToTextOptions section to allow users to control the behavior of RestApiToText.
    2. Added RestApiToText option called ShowResponseHeaders to display response headers in addition to the response itself.
    3. URL querystrings are now encoded before they are sent.
    4. Added the ability to pass a body with the DELETE verb.
    5. Fixed issue where the PATCH verb was not passing the body.

    For more info, please visit the project.

    Here are some examples:

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