to go to the line when a width is reached

  • Hello,

    I would, when i write text in notepad++, that when the text reaches the width of the screen, or a width i determine, it goes to the line, like it does in libre office writer, microsoft word, when it reaches the width of the document… because actualy the text diseapear on the side when it reaches the width of my screen

    perhaps there is a solution?

  • @Pouemes44

    View menu > Word wrap

  • @Pouemes44 said in to go to the line when a width is reached:

    …or a width i determine

    This part isn’t supported, it only works with “width of the screen” or more precisely, the width of the editor window you are working in.

    Another thing to keep in mind that this is purely a visible effect, the document content isn’t changed, so if you make the window a different width, the wrapping point is going to change correspondingly.

    N++ has other tools for actually changing the doc based upon a desired width; see the Split Lines feature on the Edit menu under Line Operations.

  • super!
    great thanks Alan, that what i wanted

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