WinPE File Explorer not working

  • Hello,

    I am trying to create a WinPe Environment with Notepad++ built in.
    Unfortunately the File Dialog for opening and saving doesn’t show up, so the only possible way to open or create a file is using the terminal.

    Is there a way to fix this / is it a bug or will I just have to live with it because it’s by design?

  • @Jan-Börschlein

    A change was made in 7.9.3 and later on how the open/save dialogs work. Apparently that change doesn’t sit well with WinPe. This is the first ever I’m hearing of something called WinPe, so I’m guessing the devs aren’t familiar with it either.

    Perhaps the open/save stuff needs a test suite with a VM capable of trying every possible version of Windows (>=Win7) out there!

  • Unfortunately, it is not working from version 7.0 onwards.
    I can’t test any older version right now, because my WinPe Image is 64Bit only.

    I do think, however, that I know what the problem might be, even thought I have no Idea what the actual code is.
    WinPE does not have any explorer integrated and it does not seem to be possible to include that (at least without major changes).
    So if notepad++ is relying on the explorer.exe to be present, there is no way to make this work.

  • @Jan-Börschlein

    Notepad++ doesn’t rely on Explorer, but it does rely on certain other Windows components being present (of course, no program builds in everything like that it needs). Since it is “not working from version 7.0” onwards, you’re probably out of luck for it being ever made to work.

  • Yeah, I guess you are right, unfortunately.
    Do you know what Windows components are loaded?

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