How to collapse lines under a header?

  • So im unsure if this is doable, but I have a yaml file open within notepad. And in it I can use a read - icon to collapse everything in under the header.

    Is there anyway for me to do this with a standard .txt file? I need a lot of notes for the work im currently doing and that ability would be very helpful.

    I can provide a pic with what I can collapse if it somehow helps people know what im referring to.

  • @Andrew-Gregg-0 ,

    With .txt extension, it won’t be automatic… But you can select the Language > YAML language manually to apply YAML-style folding (or pick whatever lexer has the closest folding rules to your .txt)… Or even make a UDL (though the folding rules for UDL are rather simplistic).

    You can assign a keyboard shortcut to any of the Language entries, if the menu is too slow for you.

    If you can assign a custom extension instead of.txt, you could make it pick the right lexer or UDL automatically

  • Wonderful! thank you so much that will make this way easier to keep orgenized.

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