Find letter + control characters combination

  • I want to replace combination of letter/number and control characters, i.e. replace gf65nxA7xE2 with gf65nBlah , where xA7, xE2 are control characters. Right now the control characters appear as diamonds in search box. Is there a way to do this in Notepad++?

  • @June-Wang

    “Control characters”…hmmm.

    Well, as long as you’re sure that you know your data, and what you’re doing, you might have luck in Regular expression replacement where you set the Search mode that way.

    Then you could do:

    find: gf65n\xA7\xE2 <- note the \x before the A7 and E2
    repl: gf65nBlah
    mode: regular expression

    But this whole thing makes me a big nervous. :-)

    Since it appears you may not be working with true text data, perhaps a true hex editing program would be a better choice than Notepad++ for these manipulations.

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