Request for normal language style.

  • It seems the only way to configure txt files is to set the global-default style?

    If I set the default font just for txt files, then I have to use override for other languages?


  • @Gubith ,

    txt files are the normal lanugage style, which are set up in the Default Style section. It does not technically override other languages; the Global override section is the only section that overrides what’s in another language.

    That said, if a given language has its font-name set to blank, it will inherit its font name (but not color) from the Global Style > Default Style.

    So if you want to change normal text to use one font (say a cursive font), but want C to use some other font (maybe the CodenewRoman NF you have listed), then you have to change the C from blank to the font that you want for C, and then change the Default Style to pick your normal-text font.

    It was intentially designed that way, because most people have a favorite monospace coding font, which they want as the default across most or all languages, and they only want to program the few exceptions.

  • @PeterJones No.

    Changing ‘default’ should change XML, if not specified in XML settings.
    Changing ‘normal’ should NOT change XML!

    If it is default, why is it called normal?

    “Default is normal”? “Normal is default”? This is abnormal.

    This issue seems an obvious no-brainer. My request for change stands.

  • @Gubith

    Since a text file does not have a lexer associated with it, it MUST use the default style.
    If you want to have text file styling that differs from the default, you have to create a lexer (UDL) for them.

  • @Gubith said in Request for normal language style.:

    This issue seems an obvious no-brainer. My request for change stands.

    Yes, but where is the no-brain?
    How this works, as described by @PeterJones makes perfect sense to me, with perhaps a slight quibble about “normal” and “default”…but I’m not going to let that minor aspect bother me.

    You are free to request change, but if you are doing it here, you are doing it in the wrong place because no one with the ability to effect any sort of change will see it here. You need to consult the FAQ section of this site and follow advice there for making a change request.

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