Auto-re-registration of extensions from *.xml file on new computer?

  • In the past I installed NP++ on a certain “main” computer and registered in
    Preferences---->File Associations
    a couple of extensions.

    It works.

    Now I copied the whole NP++ installation folder (INCLUDING the *.xml config files) to another Win computer (=my notebook).

    Much to my surprise all the previously registered extension are lost.

    I have to manually re-registered them on the new computer again step by step.
    Thats tedious and unnecessary.

    Can NP++ auto-check on startup if the extensions (stored in an *.cml file) are still associated and - if not - automatically re-register them?

    Alternatively NP++ should at least show the previously registered extension in “File associations” dialog and show a new button “Re-register extensions”.

    This way users could save time to re-investigate which extension are necessary to register and adjust it with exactly ONE click.

    Thank you

  • @Claudia-Svenson ,

    Sorry. When Notepad++ registers an extension with Windows, that information is stored in the Windows registry, not in the Notepad++ configuration. That’s how registered extensions work for any application in Windows. When you copy a Notepad++ configuration from one machine to another, Notepad++ doesn’t know that you previously registered those extensions, because that’s not saved in the Notepad++ config files.

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