find and replace automation in python

  • Hi there,

    i need some help since i have to do a repetitive task at work every day, many times per day.

    i need to replace a series of 18 numbers which are consecutive, but different in every file i open.
    an idea of the script that i’m looking for is something like this:

    find: 0001
    replace: “numberX”
    find: 0002
    replace: “numberX+1”
    replace: “numberX+2”

    and so on until get to
    find: 0018
    replace: “numberX+17”

    note: the numbers 0001 to 0018 will always be in the raw file i use. therefore, it will always have to find the same numbers (0001 to 0018) and replace them with the number i enter(which is always different). i hope i can be understood and i really appreciate any help.

  • @Ruben-Lara ,

    I might have understood. Here is my suggestion for a PythonScript solution:

    # encoding=utf-8
    """in response to
    from Npp import *
    r = int( notepad.prompt("number", "Replace starting at", 1) )
    for s in range(1,19):
        srch = "{:04d}".format(s)   # you showed 4-digit leading zeros
        repl = "{:04d}".format(r)   # assumed replacement also 4-digit leading zeros
        #console.write("s/{}/{}/\r\n".format(srch,repl))    # for debugging
        editor.replace(srch,repl)   # do the replacement on the first match found
        r = r + 1                   # move to next replacement integer
    editor.endUndoAction()  # allows a single undo to undo all 18 replacements

  • Peter, you are a legend, that is exactly what I needed, Thank you so much !!!

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