Computer Freezes Whenever I Launch Program

  • Whenever I try to use Notepad++ to edit something or just launch it normally my computer screen freezes and I end up having to restart my computer

  • Obviously this doesn’t happen to most of us!

    Have you checked your PC to determine if its hard disk contains flaws?

    It might also be worth running a memory checker.

    Failing that (or if the disk checker reports a problem, and a sector is deactivated), I suggest you de-install it, and reinstall NP++, and then if it still does not run, remove all the DLL’s from the plugin directory (thus removing the plugins without needing to run NP++ to do the job!) and test it in that state.

    You didn’t say which version of NP++ you were trying to use.


  • @AwkwardIrishman If your Notepad++ version is v6.8, it seems the problem is due to your (graphic?) drivers of your windows which take time to deal with otf (font) format.

    I believe the improved binary (using ttf instead of otf) solve this problem:
    Please unzip it into a new created folder, then launch notepad++.exe.

    Let me know if your issues are solved.

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