Is there anyway that I can quick replace a term with another term?

  • I’m working on another part of my project right now so haven’t checked. But figured id save time and ask.

    I am needing to use notepad++ to load various texture files in a game, the texture files have various suffex in order to dictate the texture resolution.

    So for example I have a file called 22AB8FFF-3

    Is there anyway I can tell notepad that for all instances of “-3” you replace it with “-2”

    Or do I just have to do it manually?

  • @Andrew-Gregg-0 said in Is there anyway that I can quick replace a term with another term?:

    can tell notepad that for all instances of “-3” you replace it with “-2”


  • Excellent thank you, thought the regular notepad had something like that but years since I used the function so wasn’t 100% sure.

  • @Andrew-Gregg-0

    thought the regular notepad had something like that

    One presumes that notepad.exe’s Replace function is where Notepad++'s has its roots; one can see the base similarities:


    And I just thought of something: A lot of people like to complain about Notepad++'s Wrap around checkbox having a confusing text, saying “I had no idea what wrap-around meant!”. Well, those people complaining about “bad user interface design” should be directed back to notepad.exe’s original design – blame Microsoft!

  • Haha yeah, I didnt even know what the function was until I built my first gaming pc in 09 and my friend used it and it blew my damn mind, years of frustration with notepad solved just like that.

    Had a small follow-up question, using notepad++ replace function I was loving that it highlighted every instance of the term you were replacing in green.

    It was doing that but now it seems to of stoped highlighting the instances and rather jut highlights the next instance of the term in gray, any idea what is up with that/how to get the green highlighting of all instances back?

  • @Andrew-Gregg-0

    It sounds like you’ve disabled the “Smart Highlighting” feature if the light-green coloring has disappeared in favor of grey. You can turn it back on in the Preferences found via the Settings menu.

    Another way for it to favor grey over the green is for your search term to contain multiple words, and you have Match whole word only in the “Smart Highlighting” setup.


  • @Alan-Kilborn Hmm, it was still on but it may of been a side effect of rather than close and reopen the replace function for my next term I just left the window open and changed the “Find what” field to the new term.

    It seems doing that stopped it from smart highlighting for whatever reason cause I just opened it again and it seems to be working without my having to change anything.

  • @Andrew-Gregg-0

    Well, for find and replace operations, if I were you, I’d just ignore whether the matched text is grey or green (just look for one or the other).

    Because the find function and the smart-highlight function both operate on “selected” text, there’s some functional overlap. But…since the setup for smart-highlight can be independent of find (as I pointed out earlier with whole-word, but also match-case can come into play), consistency can diverge.

    I would hazard to guess that if you tick the box for Use Find dialog settings, you may almost always see the light-green instead of the grey, when looking at find hits.

    A best use for smart-highlight is to double-click a word or make a text selection (independent of using the find function). This way all of the same words or text selection contents, get highlighted in the light-green.

    To really understand it, I’d suggest some experimentation by double-clicking some words that you can see are duplicated on your current view of your file. Or maybe even better, locate an occurrence of the letter a and select just that letter–all other a currently on your screen should go green.

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