How to group tabs?

  • Hi newbie here,

    Looking for an easy way to organise my open tabs (+40!) by grouping them -much like the new Chrome’s ‘tab grouping’ feature.

    I’ve read in the documentation about Workspaces and Projects, but I “think” these won’t do that since my files spread across several (physical) folders in the Window’s tree structure.

    Is there a fast way to do so with open files, sort of a drag’n’drop…


  • @Enric-Massó

    You can drag-and-drop tabs to put desired ones next to each other, but that is all there is. There is no concept of formal grouping.

  • Thank you Alan… not the answer I was hoping for thought :(

    I guess I’ll have to wait until this feature is included (if ever).

    When working with so many open tabs as I do, that’d really be very helpful.

    Thanks again!

  • @Enric-Massó said in How to group tabs?:

    I’ve read in the documentation about Workspaces and Projects,

    Actually, “Projects” can handle files from various locations around your hard drive, but it isn’t really a “tab” thing.

    Are you just wanting to group tabs by path? Or some other criteria?

  • Actually, only by tabs, because sometimes (quite often) some of the ‘tabs’ (=open files) are sort of ephemeral and get deleted once their purpose is accomplished. Think post-its 😉

    The ideal scenario for me would be, as I pointed earlier, a replica of the new feature in the Chrome browser, which allows the creation of “groups of tabs” on the fly, almost just by dragging and dropping.

  • @Enric-Massó

    You might want to add your thoughts HERE so the developers can see them.

    Where we’re talking right now is mainly a user-to-user help forum, not often frequented by developers.

  • Thanks, I’ll do so.

  • It would be very difficult to implement, and even impossible.

    But NPP supports muli-line Tab bar, and when it’s enabled, you can manage your tabs more easily, although NPP sometimes flickers a lot.

    Chrome’s ‘tab grouping’ feature allows batch management of tabs, which is not NPP capable of. Maybe some enhancements to NPP’s “Document List Panel” will make up for this. For an example, in the “Document List Panel”, allow the user to use ctrl+click and “group tabs”, would that help?

  • It’s nearly impossible because the current tabbar is based on SysTabContorl32, and we cannot modify the source code of SysTabContorl32. The only solution is to replace it with something you have full control of.

    Luckily, you don’t have to start from scratch. the WINE ( is not a emulator ) project has mimicked the behaviour of SysTabContorl32, and all efforts are contained in a single source file, tab.c.

    So theoretically we can build the chrome-like “tabs grouping” feature basing on WINE’s tab.c, but still, it requires a lot of coding works to achieve success.

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