Updated notepad++ to version 7.9.5 and my list of server connections disappeared.

  • Hello there,

    I have been using NPPFTP with notepad++ for a long while, and they were all in the plugin yesterday, and today, I updated the 7.9.5 version and they’re all gone, the file known_hosts was still intact, but the


    was empty.

  • @Ryan-Massey ,

    Sorry for the long delay in reply.


    Was that a typo for


    or did you really expect the NppFTP.xml file to be at the top level of the plugins folder?

    But that said, I doubt that’s your real problem. I don’t know anything in the installer/upgrade process for the Notepad++ app itself that would wipe out your previous plugins config – I’ve never seen that happen.

    Unfortunately, if it has happened, there’s not much we can do to recover it. Recuva or other file-recovery software might help, but we’re not experts on such software here. (But if you only had a few, it’s probably easier just to rebuild the list inside NppFTP.)

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