files corrupted in recent update

  • I recently updated to 7.9.5 32 bit. I had several text files with information that I referred to regularly. One of the files is now completely blank, and one was mostly cleared (about three lines of copy remained in it). Never had this happen before with notepadd++. Is there anyway to regain those files?

  • @Jennifer-Rumford ,

    Are these files that you saved frequently, or did you leave them in an unsaved state, and just trusted that Notepad++ (and Windows) would keep them from disappearing over the long run?

    The best way to avoid losing your data is to save frequently and to have your drive backed up regularly.

    To recover lost data:

    • If you have Settings > Preferences > Backup > ☑ Enable session snapshot and periodic backup when the checkbox marked on, then the folder it shows* will hold the most recently saved versions of unsaved files. (*: most likely c:\users\username\AppData\Roaming\Notepad++\backup, or whatever %AppData%\Notepad++\backup 🛈 resolves to on your setup)
    • If even those copies don’t have the missing data, then you might need to run Recuva or other file-recovery software, both on the “real” location of your file and on the backup folder mentioned above, to see if you can recover previous versions.

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