Plugins and Plugins Admin panel gone after update to 7.9.5

  • After last update I’ve lost all my plugins. Also I can’t reinstall them since I can’t see plugin admin under plugin sections. What can I do?

  • @Ignus666 ,

    As always, showing your ?-menu Debug Info will help.

    I am assuming you used the “installer” rather than the “portable”. If this is wrong, this advice won’t work exactly as written.

    The Plugins Admin tool does ship with Notepad++ v7.9.5, so something went wrong with your installation.

    I don’t know why it wouldn’t have been installed properly, but the only way I could reproduce your problem was to get rid of the <installdir>\Plugins\Config\nppPluginList.dll (or more drastically, remove its whole containing folder – probably c:\Program Files\Notepad++\Plugins\Config\nppPluginList.dll, but it depends on 32/64-bit and whether you changed the default location.)

    If you use the normal installer, I think the easiest way to get it back would be to re-install. Make sure you get the installer from the official location – do not trust whatever downloader you currently have, because it messed up.

    If reinstalling from the official installer doesn’t work, the ?-menu Debug Info will give you the path for the Notepad++ executable. Go into its folder. Make sure plugins exists; make sure plugins\Config exists. If so, then download the appropriate portable version (either 32bit or 64bit, to match your normal installer bit-value), and unzip the nppPluginList.dll into the location mentioned earlier.

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