Notepad++ crash on shutting down laptop

  • I use HP laptop. There is one particular scenario when NP++ just crashes: Start -> Shut down -> Do you want to close open applications -> Cancel . When I go back to Notepad++ now it just opens a blank new file. I have to recover all unsaved files from backup. Even in case of shut down without Cancelling to save applications, I can see Notepad++ properly opens unsaved files on logging in again, but weirdly when I cancel the shutdown this happens. This is so annoying, please fix it.

  • @satish-srinivas ,

    weirdly when I cancel the shutdown this happens.

    The sequence of events is important, and it’s not “weird” at all, IMO. NPP was asked to shut down, so it started closing things, including the unsaved files and the session file which recorded that the unsaved files were stored in the “backup” directory. But then that Windows shutdown got aborted, so Windows told NPP it didn’t have to close. Thus, NPP was still alive and working, but with no open files (because they had already been closed). Then when you shut down Notepad++ normally, it again goes through its exit-procedure, which includes saving the session file which says no unsaved files are open – because currently, no files are open.

    But if you really want a change in that behavior, this forum is not the place to request feature enhancements or report bugs. If you do look in the this Forum’s FAQ section and find the instructions for feature-requests/bug-reports, make sure you use correct terminology in the bug report: telling Windows to shut down, and having that process request that Notepad++ close is not a crash. I don’t know what signals, if any, that Windows sends to Notepad++ when it had started the shutdown procedure but then aborts it; so I don’t know if there’s even a way for Notepad++ to know that “the Windows shutdown has been aborted; please check for the automatic session and restore it if it exists.” The developers might be able to experiment with that… but I don’t know if there’s anything they can do to fix it or not. Either way, they won’t know that it’s a problem if you don’t let them know through the official channels described in the FAQ section.

  • @satish-srinivas said in Notepad++ crash on shutting down laptop:

    when I cancel the shutdown this happens

    Suggestions that won’t be liked:

    • Don’t start shutting down unless you really intend to shut down
    • Don’t cancel it once you initiate it

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