Brand new to coding

  • I’m wanting to learn how to code and have been told that Notepad++ is a good program to learn with.

    What I haven’t been told by anyone is how to actually go about the coding process.
    Is there anyone that can help or knows of an idiots guide to getting started and writing some basic code in Notepad++?

    Thanks in advance

    I suggest doing a search using the name of the language you intend to learn. Type “how to program in …” where “…” is the name of the language (type without quotes).

  • Ricardo’s suggestion of simply searching “how to program in …” is the best idea. You might also want to try “Beginner’s tutorial for …”.

    I agree with whoever told you that Notepad++ is a good program to learn with. This isn’t because Notepad++ is meant for programming a specific language - rather it is (in essence) very simple, and so you don’t have to learn how to use a new program at the same time as you learn how to write code.
    Once you are more comfortable with coding you can try out other editors/IDEs or (as I did) realise how powerful Notepad++ is when you start adding plugins to it.

  • Notepad++ isn’t a learning tool for programming, it is a text editor. For example, you learn to write Chinese or English using a writing utensil, Notepad++ is like a finely sharpened pencil.

    Python is a good language to start learning first.
    Check out
    You can use Notepad++ as a text editor for python, as shown in the first example,

  • As has already been said, Notepad++ is a text editor. That text is often the code that you are developing - though it can also be pure text, or other things.

    As it stands, your question is a bit like buying a soldering iron and expecting the instructions in the box to tell you about electronics theory!

    If you really don’t know what language you want to code it, I’d suggest you describe to us what it is you want to do.

    Failing that, I think I would start with Java.


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