functionList not working with User Defined Language (MQL4)

  • Hello all!
    I defined a new language MQL4 inside Notepad++: MQL4
    I’ve create these files MQL4 - defined and copy it into Notepad++ folder in AppData and ProgramFiles.
    autoComplete and Highlights language is working well.
    But functionList is not working.
    functionList for MQL4: I use cpp.xml template file and edit something.

    I use Notepad++7.9.5 (64bit) - Windows 10 Pro

    Please helpme!
    Thank you!

    Sorry: English is not my native language.

    mql4 sample code

  • Hello, @jc-manh and All,

    Easy ! You just forgot to associate your defined language MQL4 to its function-list definitions, stored in mql4.xml. So :

    • Open the overrideMap.xml file, in the functionList folder, and, in the section below, insert the new line :
      <association id= "MQL4.xml" userDefinedLangName="MQL4"/>
    			<!-- ==================== User Defined Languages ============================ -->
    			<association id= "MQL4.xml"	userDefinedLangName="MQL4"/>
    			<!-- ======================================================================== -->
    • Save the modifications done in overrideMap.xml

    • Close and restart N++

    • Open your SampleCodeMQL4.mq4 file

    • Run the menu option View > Function List

    Voilà ;-))

    Best Regards,


  • Hi @guy038!
    Thank you so much!
    It’s worked!
    Love Notepad++ so much!

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