Select entire column in large text file (80,000 lines)?

  • I can select the colum with Alt-Shift-arrow keys, but using the down arrow simpl scrolls line by line down the file, which for 80,000 lines takes a long time. A few times I tried this and after scrolling about 20 or 30 lines, it suddenly scrolled to the end of the file… but I can’t repeat that action. How do I make it do that each time?

  • @Charles-Hoffpauir

    You can use the Begin/End Select feature on the Edit menu.
    The first time you invoke it, it will remember the position you were at.
    When you invoke it again, it will select all text between the beginning point and where you currently are.

    A nuance for your situation is that when you are “ending” it, you need to be in column mode at that time. Doing this can be as simple as Alt+leftclick with the mouse at your ending point. You would do that just before invoking Begin/End Select a second time.

  • @Alan-Kilborn
    Thanks, works great!

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