Need someone to validate 2 files from notepad ++ updater

  • I found 2 files with a mod date of 3/21/21 in notepad ++ 7.8.7. I found no documentation on this change but have additional info I can provide upon requests the files are libcurl.dll & GUP.exe inside of the notepad ++ updater folder located at “C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\updater\” that had a mod date of 3/21/2021. I scanned those 2 files on virus total but they came back as clean, however the documentation for that version (7.8.7) did not mention any change to the update structure. I checked another system running notepad ++ version 7.8.8 that has a build last mod date of June 23rd, 2020 for the files in question. Does anyone know anything about changes to these two files on version 7.8.7? Any additional info is appreciated.

  • @Jnoel111 ,

    Last-modified dates can be changed for reasons that don’t seem like the file being “modified” to mere mortals.

    I found no documentation on this change

    The executables and DLLs that ship with Notepad++ (including the updater and the plugin list) generally get updated with every release.

    v7.8.7 was released June 8, 2020 . The zipfile version of the v7.8.7 downloads shows dates of 6/4/2020 for those files. But, like I said, the install process itself, or otherwise touching the files even if they weren’t modified, may have changed the dates.

    If you’re worried that your files have been changed from the official distribution, you could download the zipfile version (make sure to grab the correct 32bit or 64bit, depending on your current installation) from the official download page, and do a comparison of the “modified” files vs the files in the zipfile – or just overwrite the files in your installation with the files from the zipfile to be sure.

    Or just grab the most recent v7.9.5 download and install the newest version to get the most recent enhancements and bug fixes.

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