Highlight specific part within a word/text

  • Hi all!
    Help me, I cannot find the solution for the following problem:
    I want to highlight the word “step” at any part of a document opened in notepad++. At the moment I use Operators setting within own language, opening tag is “ste” and closing is “p”. It nearly works, but of course anywhere where the word “system” is present, everything is highlightes after “sy” until a “p” character comes.
    How the heck can I set to cancel the highlight, if not a “p” character comes directly after “ste”? I tried the escape (actually “escaping” from the highlight), but it seems it does something totally other.

    Thanks forward for the helping answers!

  • @thomyka ,

    In a UDL, you should be able to make step a keyword, rather than trying to split it into some strange set of operators or delimiter pair.

    But maybe I haven’t understood what you want correctly.

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