Default Directory - So Annoying

  • I’ve seen a bunch of posts on this, but nothing that just fixes the issue. I’m on 64 bit 7.9.5 of NPP. When I go to settings --> preferences --> default directory, change to the 2nd option to remember last directory and close, it does not change the default setting for the application.

    If the intention was that it was just for that one file, whichever NPP developer(s) though we should only be able to set that default for a file, and not for the application, was insane. Who would want that? Any application, web browsers, etc. You specify a default folder, remember last or go to a system default - for all files the application handles.

    That’s the point of a default application setting.

    Can someone please help me verify if the issue is that this default directory setting is for each damn file and not the whole application, or if I have a way to make the application stop defaulting to a program directory where no one should or would ever think to save their content?


  • @Courtney-Fay

    People get so “uppity” about software they pay zilch for. It can be amazing at times…

    So the dialogs for opening and saving files were changed out recently. This was determined to be such a needed change, that it actually ended Notepad++ support for Windows XP (but that’s a side note), but it brought (mostly) improved functionality.

    Anyway, several unexpected consequences resulted from that swap out, and one of them happens to be the issue you mention.

    Your options: Go to a slight earlier version than 7.9.5 (probably 7.9.2 will do it) or try the new 8.0 release candidate (where the problem you describe should be fixed).

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