Notepad ++ version 7.9.5

  • Hi, does anyone use Notepad in the Iq option or other type of thing, and know what are the commands used to make scrip, type command of confluences between indicators, or if I had been able to guide giving information about the command list to use scrip

  • @Thiago-Sasasinho

    Hello and welcome to the Community forum. Unfortunately, I don’t know that anyone is going to know what you are asking about. Perhaps some helpful info HERE ?

  • @Alan-Kilborn and that notepad and text editor type that combines a series of features, that you can use scripting command within the iq option platform, and as if it were a hack, and robot

  • @Thiago-Sasasinho ,

    The problem is, many of your words appear to be English, but when put next to each other, the phrase or sentence doesn’t immediately make sense.

    If English is not your native language, you might want to try writing in your native language, and plug it into an online translator like or and paste the English results in the forum. (Before pasting here, you might want to paste it back into the English->NativeLanguage form, and see if it still makes sense.) If English is your native language, then I’m sorry, but we cannot understand you, and you are going to have to work on making sure there aren’t any typos, and that terms that take a special knowledge set are defined, and that you generate full English sentences, with clear subjects, verbs, and objects.

    On to specifics:

    does anyone use Notepad in the Iq option

    I assume you mean Notepad++, not Notepad, because those are two different applications, and this forum is about Notepad++.

    What is “Iq option” or “Iq option platform”?

    what are the commands used to make scrip

    What is “scrip”, and why are we expected to know what commands make it? Or is that a typo for “script”?

    type command of confluences between indicators

    I have no clue what that is trying to say

    and as if it were a hack, and robot

    again, no clue what this is intending to say.

    If I were to hazard a wild guess, I would say that “Iq option” is some other software platform that has a scripting or configuration or option language. So you can edit the text source code for that language in Notepad++. Even more wild guessing, after writing the script in Notepad++, you want to try to run it through whatever compiler / interpreter / executable comes with “Iq option”. If this is the case, then this Forum has FAQ that explains “How do I use Notepad++ to Compile my Source Code (or Convert My Text)?”.

    I hope that helps.

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