Autocomplete to properly recognize keywords with dash

  • While trying to configure a large set of autocomplete rules, I found the following. Say you have a function name origin and another called world-origin. (My Environment tag includes additionalWordChars="-"/) If you start typing world-origin, AC properly offers the whole word. After you type a parenthesis, however, the call tip for origin is shown. I guess when the calltip is called, it only parses the string back to the last.

    Here’s what I have:

    <Environment ignoreCase="no" startFunc="(" stopFunc=")" paramSeparator="," terminal=";" additionalWordChars="-"/>
    <KeyWord name="origin" func="yes">
    	<Overload retVal="" descr="Obsolete tag" />
    	<Overload retVal="string" descr="The Country Abbreviation. " />
    <KeyWord name="world-origin" func="yes">
    	<Overload retVal="float list" descr="latitude, longitude, and altitude">

    And this is what I get:

    Can I do something to force NP++ to make it think the dash is part of the keyword name, just as with the autocomplete list?

  • In addition, if I have a keyword with a last tag that does not match a full keyword, I get no calltip. For example, I defined the keyword adjust-cross-section-to-ground and I don’t have a keyword ground, therefore I don’t get any calltip for adjust-cross-section-to-ground (however it appears in the autocomplete list).

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