Notepad++ crash by using NppFTP on Android Hotspot

  • Good day,
    Recently I’ve been having problems with NppFTP when I work on my Android Hotspot, Notepad++ crashes after opening an FTP connection. It works just fine over the WiFi. Anyone know what the solution could be?

  • @Bas-Meijboom ,

    Maybe the Android Hotspot has some settings which enable what ports can and cannot go through – so maybe it’s blocking FTP/SFTP/FTPS by default, but maybe it could be enabled.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s anything to do on the Notepad++ or NppFTP side to “fix” things, because NppFTP is programmed to establish the *FTP* connection, which it does to the best of its ability, but if something interferes with that connection, there’s not much it can do. (I also don’t know how Android Hotspot works… if it intercepts certificates or gets in the way of SFTP/FTPS security protocols, the connection is not going to work.)

    (These are just guesses; I have no concrete evidence. But since no one else had chimed in, I thought I’d give a first response so you don’t feel ignored.)

  • Thanks for your response, the strange thing is that it has always worked. Filezilla also works with an FTP connection. It is possible that the NppFTP connection does not work, but it is strange that Notepad ++ immediately crashes.

  • if the Notepad++ process crashes then there should be “something to do”. Most likely from NppFTP side. It is OK to fail to connect but it should not crash the process.

    Never used NppFTP but if its developer is active and responsive you should contact him and seek help. The ideal way would be for you to provide an easy way to reproduce the issue but that not always feasible. Some developers may provide you with an extra verbose debug version where you reproduce the problem by yourself and provide debug data.

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