Notepad++ v8 Release Candidate 3

  • Notepad++ v8 Release Candidate is available here:

    The fixes of RC3 from the RC2:

    1. Invert lightness of plugin toolbar icons for dark mode (if present).
    3. Add 1 click action (SHIFT-click) on close button to close all tabs in dockable panel.

    Notepad++ v8 new features & bug-fixes:

    1. Add Dark Mode. (Implement #9183 & #7692)
    2. ARM64 build is available. (Implement #5158)
    3. One button to build them all - build Notepad++ with Scintilla static lib and Boost RegExpr headers. (Implement #9594)
    4. Add new Fluent UI icons for toolbar. (Implement #9742)
    5. Add new feature “Distraction Free Mode” (Menu “View->Distraction Free Mode”).
    6. Add new API NPPM_ADDTOOLBARICON_FORDARKMODE for dark mode (Implement #9928).
    7. Add 1 click action (SHIFT-click) on close button to close all tabs in dockable panel (Implement #8922.
    8. Add ability of changing select text foreground color (optional). (Fix #3397 & #1314)
    9. Allow Replace to stop after replacement (optional). (Implement #4437)
    10. Add ability to reverse line order. (Implement #9837)
    11. Add ability to style only current instance of text. (Fix #9263)
    12. Fix duplicated entries in Auto-Completion pop-up window. (Fix #9711)
    13. Fix Python Function List not showing functions in some circumstance. (Fix #9844)
    14. Enhance Folder as Workspace performance while adding/removing files in bulk. (Fix #9203)
    15. Add Ada, Fortran, Fortran77 & Haskell in function lists. (Fix #9698)
    16. Improve performance of “Open all” command in Search results. (Fix #9819)
    17. Add “Copy Pathnames” command to Search results context menu. (Fix #9821)
    18. Catch regex search exceptions and show exception message. (Fix #9565)
    19. Add MarkAll Preference settings for case and word. (Fix #9751 & #5148)
    20. Fix regression: Handle “Default Directory” setting correctly in Open/Save File Dialog. (Fix #9767)
    21. Fix a special character in UTF16 file crash issue (regression). (Fix #9797)
    22. Add “Append extension” checkbox to Save As dialog. (Implement #9515)
    23. Fix Copy command in Search result is available as there’s no selection. (Fix #9757)
    24. Add padding ability in the edit zone. (Fix #2323)
    25. Make new tab name translatable. (Fix #2837)
    26. Improve character case handling in RegEx. (Fix #9636)
    27. Fix dragged out UDL file is not applied to UDL in the new instance. (Fix #3451)
    28. Add command line parameter for adding specified string to app title bar. (Implement #9539)
    29. Fix Auto-Completion ignoring case issue. (Fix #3997, #4833 & #4998)
    30. Fix “Match Whole Word” option being enabled in RegEx Search. (Fix #9766)
    31. Fix sort with column key selection that appears after tab characters. (Fix #9682)
    32. Fix “Reload Workspace” menu command not working issue. (Fix #9350)
    33. Fix view file in Edge browser failure issue if name contains spaces. (Fix #9313)
    34. Add ability to avoid accumulating multiple search results. (Fix #8777)
    35. Fix UTF-16 decoding/encoding for code points above U+FFFF. (Fix #9597, #3747 & #5754)
    36. Fix “Save As” command removing original path from recent files history issue. (Fix #9673)
    37. Fix function List button tool tips mixed up issue. (Fix #9804)

    The release will be out in about 6 4 3 days if there’s no critical bug found.

  • @donho ,

    24 hours with no complaints! It’s a world record! :-)

    Other than the fix to “Append Extension” in the SaveAs dialog, I haven’t yet found anything that doesn’t work the way it’s described in v8.0-RC3. (If only that PR had been a couple hours earlier… Pesky real life getting in the way of contributors’ schedules. ;-) )

    Thanks for all your effort on this.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @donho
    for URLs that are within SINGLE quotes, the closing quote (%27) is included as part of the URL.
    It works fine for URLs within double quotes, but not single.
    You can even see the URL underline extend to include a single quote, but not when in double quotes (see image)

  • @HMin124,

    The same thing happens in v7.9.5, so while I agree that it is a bug, it is not a regression specific to the upgrade to v8.0. Bugs like that should be reported by creating an issue in the github-based issues tracker – but you might want to search there to see whether it’s been reported already or not.

  • Hello @hmin124, @peterjones and All,

    Indeed, the apostrophe ( \x27 ) should be considered as a valid character, in Internet addresses, only when not followed with a regex space char. So, if the regex \x27(?!\s) matches the ' !

    Best regards,


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