User Defined Languages Autosave?

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    I have been trying to find on the internet but cant. When I’m making changes to a user defined language does it autosave as I close the window? Do I have to “Save as…” and overwrite it every time? Or export it again? Please let me know!

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  • @SPConnol ,

    Changes made in the User Defined Languages dialog (or docked panel) auto-save. You do not have to do Save As… or export/import, or even close the UDL dialog.

    This is easy enough to prove to yourself: Language > Define Your Language > Define Your Language, select the language from the pulldown; make an obvious change (for my experiment, I added xyzzy to the folding-in-code-OPEN box on the first tab); exit Notepad++ completely (with UDL dialog still open!); re-run Notepad++, and check the language again: the xyzzy entry was still there.

    The only time this isn’t totally true is if you haven’t done a Save As… at all yet on an unnamed UDL (ie, User Defined Language is still in the dropdown menu). In that case, the changes will take effect immediately, and any file where you actively select Language > User-defined will use the updated version of the active unnamed UDL… but as soon as you exit and restart Notepad++, that unnamed UDL will disappear, and Language > User-defined will go back to having no definition. But this isn’t the situation you described.

  • Thank you very much. Is there a way to mark a question answered or mark a post as the answer? Or just leave it as is an people will probably get it based on the fact your reply is the only one and it answered it? lol

  • @SPConnol ,

    Unlike certain stack-based help forums, the Notepad++ Community isn’t about “the one true answer”. It’s not even just a help (question + answer) forum. It’s about discussing Notepad++ in all its facets, and helping each other. Thus, there isn’t a “right answer” or “this has been answered” button, because not all discussions have “one right answer”, and often times, the discussions diverge from the original question that started the discussion: and on this forum, that’s all good, and leads toward better discussion.

    Feel free to upvote any contributions that you think were helpful to the discussion, whether they “answered the question” or just added information or insight or a good perspective.

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