Per-tab reload options?

  • The reload dialog is very useful when a file gets externally modified. However, sometimes I want to keep a “snapshot” of a particular file open without being bothered by frequent “reload” pop-ups.

    Ultraedit has an option to femember the chosen option (reload or ignore) for that tab (for as long as it is open), without affecting the other open files.

    How can I achieve this in NP++?

  • @alexolog said in Per-tab reload options?:

    How can I achieve this in NP++?

    This is not a per-tab option but under Preferences, select MISC. then look at the File Status Auto-Detection options. It’s described in the online manual here, search for “File Status Auto-Detection” on that page.

    Otherwise if you have a mixture of tabs some with auto update, some wanted without I doubt there is an option to do it. best I can think of is to use the File, Save a Copy As and then load that file as a separate tab. That will cut the ties to any file being updated elsewhere.
    Alternatively use Save As, that saves as a new file and instantly replaces the current tab contents with the contents of the new saved file, again cutting ties to an original file being updated.


  • These workarounds are inconvenient when one still wants to reload that file manually.
    This is a useful feature to have.

  • @alexolog

    How to make a feature request is described HERE.

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