Switch to next file in Macro?

  • I recorded a macro to select all between matching brackets, copy it, switch to the next open document, paste, and a few other minor things before ending. It work OK except switching to next document. It pauses at the prompt for me to click on it. It doesn’t do that when I’m recording the macro, just on playback. My intent was to automate this and run it around 20 times without needing to pause for me to click on the tab switcher.

    Is there a way I can bypass this or make the macro do it. I have only the two files open at the time so there is no confusion which document I want to switch to.

    I’ll thank you for any help you can give me.

  • @Jssamp ,

    Try reading this post and the associated thread – it is solving a very similar sequence using the Macro. I think the critical item is to use Ctrl+PageDown for moving to the next tab when recording the macro.

  • @PeterJones Indeed that was the key. I was using Control-Tab to switch tabs. I didn’t know about Control-PageDown. Thank you so much. I spent several hours trying to figure that out, even reading the scintilla source from github. Should have come here first but I wanted to do my due diligence.

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