Page break?

  • How can I put a page break into my documents?

  • @Dave-Clark ,

    Notepad++ is a text editor, not a word processor. Pagination is more associated with the latter, so pagination controls are not built into Notepad++.

    That said, there is an ASCII Form Feed character at code point 12. You should be able to use the Windows sequence Alt+012 to insert the FF into your document. Notepad++ won’t do anything special with it (and iirc, it doesn’t even dump that byte to the printer, but instead replaces it wit the shown glyph)… But if you dump the raw text file to the printer elsewhere (like the command line), the printer should form feed there.

  • Another option for inserting a formfeed character is the “Character Panel”.
    Turn it on via the Edit menu command called Character Panel.
    Then doubleclick the FF in the row with Value equal to 12.

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