How do I Replace all at end of Line?

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    I was able to add “Double” to all variables in the list by pressing Ctrl+H using Regular Expression Mode and replacing “\d+” with “Double”.

    Now I want to add a “;” to the end of each line. How would I do this?

    Double Harness Infinity
    Double Hofri Ghostforge
    Double Humiliate
    Double Infuse with Vitality
    Double Inkling Summoning
    Double Kasmina, Enigma Sage
    Double Killian, Ink Duelist
    Double Lorehold Apprentice
    Double Lorehold Command
    Double Lorehold Excavation
    Double Lorehold Pledgemage
    Double Maelstrom Muse
    Double Magma Opus
    Double Make Your Mark
    Double Manifestation Sage
    Double Moldering Karok
    Double Mortality Spear
    Double Needlethorn Drake
    Double Oggyar Battle-Seer
    Double Owlin Shieldmage
    Double Pest Summoning
    Double Practical Research

  • @Naeem-Heath ,

    I will give you a hint: $ matches the zero-width location between the last character on the line and the newline sequence. If you replace a zero-width match with one or more characters, it inserts that replacement at that location without removing anything from the original text

  • @PeterJones Thank you, it worked perfectly.

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