Red vertical guide line.....

  • I have installed version 7.9.5 of Notepad++.
    One thing i am really needing is the red vertical line where you can collapse areas of code, to help me easily with the next batch of work i am about to do.
    I have researched and seen posts but nothing is working…

    • Settings > Preferences > Margins/Border/Edge and setting Folder Margins style isnt showing the red line.

    • Nor is View >Symbol > Indent Guide

    • My Settings > Style Configurator is as per default

    Any help is much appreciated,

  • @Felineuk

    One thing that comes to mind is that you have to have the correct Language type set for the file you are editing, in order to see the things you mention. Usually this will happen automatically, by file extension when you load a file. So, for example, if you load a Python file (extension .py) then these things appear. For the default “text” language (say, when you just have a tab with title new 1) these things will not appear. So check it (easy way is to look at the leftmost part of the status bar).

  • @Felineuk

    In case you want to collapse/hide lines in a file that is not related to some lexer or whose lexer does not support code folding, you can also select some lines and use (menu) View -> Hide Lines (standard shortcut ALT+H).

  • [SOLVED] I have the same issue as @Felineuk, (while editing .cpp extension files.) The red line is still there, except it is BLACK, not RED anymore. The background in that area is dark-grey so “black on dark-grey”. Not easy to see.
    Settings > Style Configurator > Fold > Colour Style > Foreground > LIME GREEN
    Settings > Style Configurator > Fold Active> Colour Style > Foreground > FIRE ENGINE RED
    So better than original (IMHO)
    If you need to change the background from dark grey:
    Settings > Style Configurator > Fold Margin> etc.

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