run JavaScript on Noepad++ file

  • i see how I can run Python script on my file thru a plugin… But is there a way to run javascript against a file? or does JS only work in the browser? thanks

  • @JR ,

    If you mean, “I have a web-based javascript source file, or HTML with embedded javascript, so can I run that javascript inside Notepad++ in the same way that it would normally be run from within a web browser?” then the answer is no: use View > View Current File In… and pick a browser to run it in.

    If you mean, “I have seen the PythonScript plugin, which allows me to run python code with direct access to the file(s) currently open in Notepad++, but I don’t know/like Python; can I do something similar in JavaScript?” then the answer is yes, there is the jN Notepad++ Plugin, which embeds accesses a javascript interpreter inside from the plugin and will run scripts giving you access to the file(s) currently open in Notepad++.

    edit: rephrase, see strikes and additions inline.

  • @PeterJones lol! great repsonse. ill look into the jN plugin

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