Markdown in dark mode looks wrong

  • Hi,

    I’m running the latest version of Notepad++ (8,1 64-bit). When I open a markdown file in dark mode, words are highlight in a soft of off-white color. In ‘white mode’ it looks fine, but dark mode is almost unreadable due to this setting. Other filetypes look find, so I think it is something wrong with preinstalled Markdown ‘style highlighter’.

    I’m wondering if this is a bug or that I did something wrong in my settings. I don’t know where to edit the preinstalled markdown style. The problem occurs with other dark themes as well.

    Can somebody confirm whether this is an individual issue or a generic issue with the markdown style?



  • @Mivaro482

    The Markdown lexer is implemented as user defined language (UDL). All UDLs are not synchronized with the selected theme of the editor area. You have to create your own Markdown UDL to adapt it to the color scheme of your favorite theme.

    To do so go to (menu) Language -> User Defined Language -> Define your language. In the dialog that pops up go to combobox User langugae and select Markdown from its drop-down list. Now you can cycle through the 4 tabs Folder & Default to Operators & Delimiter. At each of these tabs you will find buttons with the caption Styler. Click on them to open another dialog where you can set foreground and background colors for the related syntax elements.

  • Thanks, that helped me to create a readable version of the markdown UDL in dark-mode.

  • Don’t confuse dark mode with “dark” theme.
    Dark mode is only about the UI elements (everything except the document area).
    Dark theme is about the document area.

    This is a known problem, it is related to the dark theme.
    There are numerous issues about this:

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