Change fot globally

  • I want to change the font to Arial Regular 14 point for all the files I create
    Is it possible?
    My email ID is

  • TYPO noted
    The topic should be Change font globally

  • @seenabhattaram ,

    Notepad++ is not a Word Processor. It is a text editor

    Plain text files (.txt, and source code) don’t have a font embedded in the file. Individual text-reading applications can be used to view/edit text, and they can each can be configured to display the underlying text with whatever font they want.

    With Notepad++, you do that using Preferences > Style Configurator. Select Global Styles from the left pane, and Default Style from the middle pane; set the font size and color you desire as your default font on the right.

    This is all documented in the online usermanual, in the section on Global Styles. There is a link to the Notepad++ Online Document in the ? menu inside Notepad++, which takes you to that site.

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