Using MACRO's to Copy a Tab to Another Tab & Change Data in the New Tab

  • I would to take a TAB containing XML, copy this TAB to 6 other TABS and then iterate through each of these 6 TABs and change some of the contents. Can I perform this using MACRO’s or is there some other method in NotePad++ to perform this functionality?

  • @ThatGuy-Steve

    I would say it depends.
    In general, yes, you can make 6 copies of a file and iterate through them. Whether you can achieve your goal depends on what you then want to do next.

    Open Npp without any files open before.
    Open the xml of your choice
    Now press the following

    ctrl+n and ctrl+v (6 times)
    ctrl+1  back to origin xml
    ctrl+pagedown for next tab
    make the changes, preferable by using shortcuts instead the menu.

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