visual studio 🤮🤮🤮

  • building on visual studio took a while to properly install everything, but after i got everything working, that’s when it all went down.

    visual studio is perhaps the most horribly designed IDE i’ve ever used. the braindead design behind forcing ME to use your toilet paper solution design style is soul crushing. creating a new file and adding it to the project takes FAR too much time. the IDE is clunky, ugly, bloated. i feel like i’ve downloaded malware with how poorly it performs

    now where is the complaint with np++? i HAVE to use visual studio in order to contribute to the project.

    why can’t i just use visual studio code, c lion, vim, or whatever? like holy crap, my soul is crushed and this ide designed by children killed my desire to contribute to this project because im on the verge of ending it all.

    donho you are truly a legend for having used that ide for so many years, you must have seen things no person would ever want to see, but for my sake and yours, please switch to a better ide. you must be under soul crushing pain like i am using visual studio.

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