find in files with regular expression doesn't show result if only 1 hit

  • I am searching a number of files by a ‘regular expression’ ‘Find in files’. If there are multiple hits in a file, they are shown correctly in the results. If there is only 1 hit, I do see in the results that there is a hit, but it always shows line 1 as the result instead of the correct line number. If I open the file in Notepad++ and then run a ‘Find’ with the same regular expression, the correct hit is shown. And the problem does not occur with ‘normal’ or ‘extended’ search via ‘Find in files’ either. I just updated to version 8.1 (64 bit, Windows 10), but I see no improvement.

  • @hub-kurvers

    How about showing a demo of that, where you provide specifics?
    Some test data, the actual regex used, that kind of thing?
    Otherwise, I don’t think anyone will be able to help you.

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