How do you choose a specific value between a csv

  • For example , suppose my csv file in notepad++ has entries like

    1. Name1, Place1, Animal1, Thing1
    2. Name2, Place2, Animal2, Thing2

    How do we like select the Place entry from all the rows ?

  • @Ashwin-Thomas

    I assume that your real data is not formatted as nicely as you have shown, right?
    If it is, then use the “Edit->Select Start/End” function.
    If not, then what do you want to do with the data once it is selected?
    Can the CSV plugin or the Analyze plugin help?

  • Assuming it’s a regular CSV file I’d:

    1. select the lines to be copied from
    2. use the “\TextFX\TextFX Edit\E:Line up multiple lines by (,)” option
    3. carefully check to make sure TextFX didn’t get confused by commas inside the quoted fields; it may not get confused, but if it did get confused STOP NOW and undo (Ctrl-Z) the alignment option (or throw away this edit session)
    4. use Alt-‘left click’ and drag to mark the source block
    5. Ctrl-C to copy the block into the clipboard
    6. paste the block in the clipboard to wherever you want it
    7. optionally undo (Ctrl-Z) the alignment performed on the original tab

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