dark mode & Compare plugin

  • Hi, if I enable dark mode and with the Compare Plugin I compare 2 text files, the colors are messy, and I cannot understand anymore which lines is moved/changed/removed/added, Contrast between colors are messy. Please solve

  • @Phantom-Lord ,

    Please solve

    That is an issue with the Compare plugin itself, and would have to be solved in the codebase of the Compare plugin, by the developer of the Compare plugin. (The vast majority of users in this Forum, even the regulars, are not the developer of that plugin, and thus cannot solve your problem for you.)

    However, the Compare plugin development has been discontinued by its developer, to be (eventually) replaced by an upcoming ComparePlus plugin.

    So, until the developer of the plugin releases ComparePlus, or goes back to supporting the existing Compare plugin, you may have to wait or switch back to non-Dark mode when using Compare (unless you have the skills necessary to fork the Compare plugin’s codebase and make the fixes yourself).

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